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Our Vision
In-order to Exalize your requirement and maximize your compressed air usage, few technical and commercial factors have to be taken into consideration.

From a technical perspective

Compressed Air Specifications

Flow Capacity of compressed air
Flow rate of the compressed air is very important in-order to size the air dryer. The flow rate can be measured in cfm, m3/hr. Exal can design compressed air dryers for flow rates up to 20,000 cfm.

Inlet Temperature
This is the temperature at which compressed air enters the dryer. Larger inlet temperatures affect the performance of the dryer. Dew points might not be attained due to high in-let temperatures. Compressors usually dissipate heat through the compressed air itself. Exal can accommodate these factors in our design in-order to produce your requirement.

Dew Point required
Dew point measures the dryness in the air. While pressure dew point (PDP) is indicative of the dryness of the compressed air, Atmospheric Dew Point (ADP) indicates the dryness if the compressed air depressurizes to atmospheric pressures. Lower the ADP/PDP, dryer the air. The required dew-point to a very large extent indicates the type of dryers that can be used. Exal can make and design dryers with Atmospheric Dew Points as low as -70 °C.

Working Pressure
Exal can  design dryers  with  working  pressures  as high  as
100 kg/cm2g and as low as 2 kg/cm2g. Most of our competitors will either undersize/ oversize your dryer (higher flow capacities for low pressures and vice versa) in-order to fit the desired pressure. Exal will design its dryers specific to your working pressures. This will help you accommodate the type and material of construction for that pressure while enabling major power savings suitable for the specific flow rate.
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Allowable Pressure Drop

Compressed air can turn out to be an expensive waste if not used in the right manner. Pressure drop along the line translates into power loss for the compressor. It is important to weigh the usage of filters, piping etc. against the loss of pressure caused by additional accessories. Exal can minimize your pressure drop by designing Air Dryers to give maximum output while serving your requisites.
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Specifications of Area of Installation

Ambient Temperatures
Ambient temperatures can have major effect on the Air Dryer performance. Major problems due to ambient temperatures: Air dryers from Europe, America, China are made and designed for ambient temperatures within their respective region. Air Dryers from Europe for e.g. are made for ambient temperatures of
25-35°C. Exal designs dryers to perform and out perform under Indian ambient of 35-45°C.

Availability of Cooling Water
Availability of cooling water determines the type of condenser that fits into the Air Dryer. Water cooled condensers are better as they can reduce power consumption by almost 25% as opposed to air cooled. It is important to have clean dirt-free cooling water in order to attain maximum performance from your dryers.

Availability of space for equipment(s).

Exal can design equipments such as intercoolers/ after coolers, Pressure vessels to fit in utility rooms/areas where space is a luxury. We can design our equipments to accommodate both dimensional and orientation constraints. 

Equipment spacing can also have a detrimental effect on the performance of the Air Dryer. Ventilation is important to avoid rise in ambient temperatures in the utility room. Heat generated within the utility rooms from other equipments can cause a significant spike in the ambient temperatures. The Air Drying plant should be placed away form:

      •  Equipments that generate heat

      •  Equipments that generate vibration (Vibrations cause internal damage)

More over air dryers with air cooled condensers always require space to perform. Availability of space also ensures ease of maintenance.

Application for which the air is used
The application determines the structure and layout and the equipments used. Certain applications are dew point sensitive. The application governs the type of dryer that must be installed. Also, applications having multiple points of use require pressure vessels after the air dryer. Uneven usage of the compressed air can cause a significant pressure drop. It is important to study the compressed air usage. The Exal model believes in providing and developing solutions based on your utility and not just selling equipments. Exal’s vast knowledge and experience enables it to be a solution provider rather than only being an equipment seller.

Location of compressed air lines and storage
The location of the compressed air lines and storage tanks can affect the performance by causing an unwanted rise or fall of temperature. Rise in temperatures of compressed air can cause poor performance. Fall in temperatures can cause condensation while an extreme drop of temperature can cause ice formation if moisture is present.

From a Commercial perspective

Initial Capital Costs

Initial capital costs are important. Air Dryers and accessories come in various price ranges based on type and capacity. It is important to single out the benefit of the dryer over the initial capital cost. Exal provides value for money solutions that maximize the effect of the initial capital spent on the equipment.

Operating Costs

Operational costs can be seen in-terms of power consumption, pressure drop and purge loss. It is important to weigh the initial capital cost in comparison to the operating costs. A miss-calculation or a wrong selection can lead to loss of benefit by going for a cheaper dryer.

An accessory is optional or nonessential device. Today’s age has seen Air Dryers as becoming a needed essential device for compressed air applications to work and provide the desired result. Air drying plants like compressors come in a wide variety of price ranges based on type and brand. Exal as a brand stands for quality and value for money. Our ability to communicate technical designs in-to low cost models that are rich in performance has helped us in becoming the best in the field. It is due to this reason that Exal today retains 95% of our customers. Our strength is technical knowledge, over two decades of experience and our ability to focus on your needs as our distinguished customer.

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