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After cooler / Inter cooler and Oil coolers for compressed air as well as process gas compressors.

Exal Corporation can design a wide variety of heat exchangers with shell and tube type design. The applications that we manufacture for include:

 After coolers
 Inter coolers
 Oil coolers

Coolers can be designed for compressed air and different compressed process gases. Exal’s experience has enabled it to understand heat transfer technology thoroughly while being able to fabricate it to meet customer requirements.

Exal heat exchangers

Have high heat transfer efficiency.
Can be manufactured for Large capacities (up-to 20,000 cfm)
Can be designed for high pressures (up-to 1470 psig /100 barg)
Can be designed for low pressures (up-to 14.7 psig/ 1 barg)
Low pressure drop (as low as 0.5 psi)
Can be designed to be Vertical or Horizontal based on space requirements.

Heat Exchangers can be designed as per TEMA ‘C’ and ASME Sec VIII Div I requirements.

Additional moisture separators (baffle type/ demister type) can be designed and provided along with the coolers.
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