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Exal heatless dryers work on the principle of adsorption. Wet Compressed air is passed through a desiccant. The moisture from the compressed air gets adsorbed on-to the desiccant. This results in drying of the air. Subsequent stages of regeneration take place in order to make the desiccant re-usable.

Kinehitze Heatless type (10-2000 cfm)

Exal made Kinehitze heatless dryers have been optimized to suit industry needs. The heatless dryer consists of 2 towers which, alternately cycle on drying and regeneration. Each tower is filled with a bed of adsorbent desiccant. The tower on drying cycle adsorbs the moisture from the incoming wet air. The tower on regeneration uses a small portion of the dried air passing through the desiccant to remove the adsorbed moisture. This air is later vented to the atmosphere. The cycle is maintained using a control panel.

Features of Kinehitze heatless type (10-2000 cfm)

Can be designed for high pressures
       -  Exal can design Kinehitze heatless dryers up-to 100 bar g
Kinehitze heatless dryers provide constant -40°C Atmospheric dew point or better.
Can be designed for lower dew points
- Exal can design Kinehitze heatless dryers up-to -70°C Atmospheric dew point.
All Kinehitze dryers have minimum pressure drop
Pre-filter provided at the inlet
- Protects the desiccant from dirt and water contamination.
Fully Automatic and continuous.
Simple, compact and reliable construction
Easy installation
Minimum maintenance
By-pass arrangement provided
Activated Carbon filter can be provided
- Carbon filter is used for oil removal
- Lubricated compressors pass oil to the dryer. (oil reduces life of desiccant)
Heavy duty control valves for long life (Diaphragm Control Valves for 50 cfm and above)
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