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COMPRESSED AIR DRYERS » Large Capacity Dessicant Dryers
Large Capacity Dessicant Dryers

Heat and Purge Dryer – Low Dew Points

Exal Heat-and–Purge Dryers are used in areas where low dew points are necessary. The purge (air used in regeneration) is heated to a higher temperature in-order to regenerate the desiccant.  The combined heat and dry purge enables moisture loading on desiccant giving low dew-points.
Flow rate offered:     100 cfm to 3000 cfm
Cycle Time:              4 hrs + 6 hrs

H.O.C Dryers (Heat of Compression) – minimum running costs

Exal H.O.C Dryers are designed to conserve maximum energy. The heat energy in the compressed air can be used for desiccant regeneration. Exal H.O.C dryers transfer the heat energy from the compressed air using a heat exchanger. The compressor outlet temperatures need to be 140 °C for the dryer to work. Exal H.O.C dryers have no purge loss and have relatively very low running costs. The dryer is easy to maintain and fully automatic.
Flow rate offered: 100 cfm to 5000 cfm
Cycle Time: 6 hrs + 6 hrs

N.L.S.F Dryers (No Loss Split Flow) Dryer – Low dew points and zero purge

Exal N.L.S.F dryers have zero purge and give a dew point of (-) 40 °C. The compressed air is split into two streams:

• Adsorption stream

• Regeneration stream

The loss of air is zero. Exal has also designed a version of N.L.S.F dryer which uses the heat produced during compression of air to form a dryer that requires no heaters for regeneration.
Flow rate offered: 100 cfm to 5000 cfm
Cycle Time: 6 hrs + 6 hrs

Blower Re-activated type Air Dryer – Low investment, zero purge

Exal blower re-activated dryers use an external blower along with a heater that helps in utilizing atmospheric air in-order to regenerate the desiccant. This is essentially a low investment dryer with zero purge. The air is heated to about 160 °C in-order to achieve the regeneration.
Flow rates offered: 100 cfm to 5000 cfm
Cycle time: 6 hrs + 6 hrs

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