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Our Vision
Today’s Market offers compressed air solutions in a wide variety of price ranges.
How are many other manufacturers providing products at dead cheap Initial costs? Simple….”What is promised, is never delivered.”

Measuring the Performance of your current Air Dryer

Electronic Dew Point Indicators

Pressure Dew Point (PDP) Indicators for refrigerated dryers measure the temperature of the compressed air. If a refrigerated dryer promises a dew point of + 3°C, then it should cool the compressed air to +3°C. In general terms, a PDP indicator measures the temperature of the compressed air after it has been cooled.

Many manufacturers measure the temperature of the refrigerant instead of compressed air. This only indicates the temperature of the refrigerant (which is always low) and not the PDP/ temperature of the Compressed air. The sensor of the indicator should be placed in the compressed air line away from the refrigerant line. The manufacturer under such cases can under-size and label a 200 cfm dryer as a 350 cfm.
REMEBER: “An air dryer showing +3°C dew-point” could be a piece of metal scrap drawing power.
ANALOGY: An air conditioners performance is measured by temperature of the room and not the temperature of the air coming out from the blower.

Desiccant Dryer Dew Point

It is very hard to measure the dew-point of a desiccant dryer. Dew Point indicators for Non- refrigerated compressed air require calibration very frequently and are expensive. A basic point to remember under such cases is that a desiccant air dryer works under the principle of adsorption. An adsorption process is always exothermic; air in the outlet of a desiccant dryer will always be warmer than the air at the inlet. The engineer on-site can evaluate this by placing his/her palm on the in and out pipes of the heatless dryer.

BEWARE: It is important to buy a desiccant dryer from a trusted dryer manufacturer. The performance of a desiccant dryer is hard to evaluate. Also, many desiccant dryers have purge losses.
REMEMBER: Desiccant dryers should be used for dew point sensitive applications only. Timely replacement of desiccant is important. Pre filters greatly improve the performance of air-dryers by preventing dust from collecting on the desiccant. After filters, prevent the activated alumina dust from carrying forward.

Brazed / Aluminum Block Heat Exchanger

Brazed/ Aluminum heat exchangers were made for processes not involving compressed air. They lead to higher operational costs due to pressure drop and get chocked very fast, owing to the small clearances between plates and channels (Indian air / water carries a lot of dust.) This leads to an expensive replacement of the entire heat exchanger.

BEWARE: Dryers offering mono-block or brazed heat exchangers have larger pressure drops. These dryers were developed in-order to by-pass the U-stamp requirements which are set on shell and tube heat exchangers in the U.S.A and Europe, making them very cheap.
REMEMBER: India has no U-stamp requirements. Shell and tube heat exchangers may be large in size, but can be designed for significantly greater performances while saving operational costs. Running an efficient Shell and Tube dryer could save you operational costs enough to buy a dryer of the same capacity every other year.
Compact imports are expensive and fail very often under Indian conditions.
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Compressed air, a cheap utility can amount to be a very expensive affair if the selection of equipment is done solely on the basis of low initial capital costs. Under such scenarios, the operating costs of the compressor and the air dryer, put together can over run the benefit savings from the initially low priced equipments. This is where “Exal” comes into the picture. Our solutions consider the economics of operation while delivering the required performance at an affordable price. Exal, today has a 95% customer retention rate, a feat that very few or no other Air Dryer manufacturer in India has achieved. Trust the experts. “EXALIZE your requirement.”
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