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For every 11°C (20°F ) drop in temperature of the compressed air the moisture holding capacity of the air reduces by 50%. Refrigerated air dryers work by using a refrigerant to cool the air to 3°C reducing the moisture holding capacity of the air. Cooling the compressed air causes the moisture to condense. The cooled air along with the moisture is then passed through a moisture separator in order to remove the condensed moisture.


Exal heatless dryers work on the principle of adsorption. Wet Compressed air is passed through a desiccant. The moisture from the compressed air gets adsorbed on-to the desiccant. This results in drying of the air. Subsequent stages of regeneration take place in order to make the desiccant re-usable.


Exal H.O.C Dryers are designed to conserve maximum energy. The heat energy in the compressed air can be used for desiccant regeneration. Exal H.O.C dryers transfer the heat energy from the compressed air using a heat exchanger. The compressor outlet temperatures need to be 140 °C for the dryer to work. Exal H.O.C dryers have no purge loss and have relatively very low running costs. The dryer is easy to maintain and fully automatic.
Flow rate offered: 100 cfm to 5000 cfm
Cycle Time: 6 hrs + 6 hrs

Why Exal

Pressure Dew Point (PDP) Indicators for refrigerated dryers measure the temperature of the compressed air. If a refrigerated dryer promises a dew point of + 3°C, then it should cool the compressed air to +3°C. In general terms, a PDP indicator measures the temperature of the compressed air after it has been cooled.

Air Dryer Selection

From a technical perspective Compressed Air Specification

In-order to Exalize your requirement and maximize your compressed air usage, few technical and commercial factors have to be taken into consideration. Flow rate of the compressed air is very important in-order to size the air dryer. The flow rate can be measured in cfm, m3/hr. Exal can design compressed air dryers for flow rates up to 20,000 cfm.